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St Mary Magdalene Church, Littleton                           

Weekly Newsletter

6 January 2024                        

Our church is committed to making all activities as open and accessible to all.

Have you ever asked yourself the question who is the wisest person I know?  When I asked myself that question there were actually a few who came to mind.  As I compared them, there was one quality that they all seemed to share.  None of them actually said very much.

When we talk about wisdom we often think about the person that we go to for good advice.  How have they obtained that advice in the first place?  They have done it by listening.  The Bible says that everyone should be slow to speak and quick listen.  It also says that if anyone lacks wisdom they should ask God.  Having asked the person then they need to listen.  The wisest people are the ones who don’t say much.  They spend so much time listening that when they do speak what they say is worth listening to.  

This weekend we remember the visit of the wise men, often known as Epiphany.  These were people who were already wise yet their wisdom had taught them that there was a person to go to who was even wiser than they were.  We can only imagine that as they gave him their gifts they said very little.  They realised that they had met wisdom in a person, the son of God.  As you enter 2024, if you feel as though you are lacking wisdom, spend time listening and ask God the questions that you need answering.  Have a blessed week.  Tim

This Sunday’s Readings – 

Ephesians 3:1-12                   Matthew 2:1-12


Sunday Services 7th January at 9.30 and 11.15


Cornerstone 8th January 10-12 in The OSB (BACON BUTTIES)


Wednesday Service 10th January 10am (Communion)


Littletots 11th January 9.30am in OSB  


Sunday Services 14th January at 9.30 and 11.15

                           Creche 11.15 in Church

                           Sunday Club 11.15 in Littleton School

                           Youth 11.15 in OSB


Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Christmas Collections, which raised almost £800 for the Foodbank.


Saturday 3 February at 7.30pm

Tickets on sale £12

RECTOR: Revd Tim Rose




Parish Office -  01932 562249

Pastoral Team  - 07541 341100

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