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Weekly Newsletter - 16 December 2023                         

Our church is committed to making all activities as open and accessible to all.

I love nice surprises. The idea of something positive that I am not expecting happening to me is something that I love.  However I am aware that other people don’t feel the same. In fact all of the rest of my family seem to hate them which is a shame as I like organising them as well!  Just recently one member of my family said to me that they loved surprises that they already knew about.  I didn’t go further with that conversation.

The Christmas story is full of surprises  for nearly all of the people involved.  I am sure that among them there were those that love surprises and those who were more like the other members of my family.  The overall surprise for all of mankind was that God didn’t come to wipe people away that chose not to follow him but to come and be with us, forgive us, love us and guide us.  Because God became human he knows everything we’re going through.  Jesus will always be the greatest surprise and the greatest comfort.  So this Christmas ask God to surprise you again, with his love, presence and comfort and think of those that you know who love surprises and think how you can bless them! 

Have a great week.



This Sunday’s Readings – 

1 Thess 5:16-28                      John 1:6-8 & 19-28

Sunday Services - 17 December at 9.30 ONLY 

*NATIVITY -  17 December at 2pm in Shepperton Studios  (YOU MUST HAVE BOOKED A TICKET)

*Cornerstone 18 December 10-12 in The OSB

*Wednesday Service 20 December 10

10am (Words & Worship)

*Sunday Services 24 December at 10am ONLY 

*Midnght Mass 24 December at 11.30pm

*Christmas Day Service 25 December at 10am

The Foodbank continues to need our help, so please give generously.


Christmas Flowers

There is a box at the back of the church.


RECTOR: Revd Tim Rose




Parish Office: 01932 562249                


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