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Weekly Newsletter   - 23 December 2023                         

Our church is committed to making all activities as open and accessible to all.

At heart I am a Christmas romantic.  Listening to ‘Driving home for Christmas’ gives me visions of a car loaded with presents driving a few hundred miles through snowy conditions and twinkly lights to arrive on the 23rd of December being greeted by family, friends and a roaring fire.  Of course this is an idealistic and romantic image and I work from home so I don’t drive home at all, but Christmas gives us the season for some idealism and romance.

Perfect idealism is that we would never be alone and that is the heart of Christmas.  From now on wherever you and I go we are not alone. A baby was born who was Christ the Lord.  God had come to earth and had literally moved into the neighbourhood.  He didn’t come in a romantic scene of snow and twinkly lights, but into the mess of everyday life.  It was as if God had been born in early February rather than mid-December. 

This Christmas, wherever you drive you will never be alone, wherever you walk you will never be alone, wherever you sit you will never be alone.  God has come home for Christmas and he has come to be with you forever.  He is ‘Immanuel’ which literally means God with us.  It’s romantic, ideal and true.

Have a great Christmas.


The week ahead

* Sunday Services 24 December at 10am ONLY       Crib Service

* Midnght Mass 24 December at 11.30pm

* Christmas Day Service 25 December at 10am

* Cornerstone will be closed until 8 January

* Wednesday Service No service this week

* Sunday Services 31 December at 9.30am ONLY


Our Christmas collections will be in support of the foodbank, so please give generously.

Christmas Flowers

A big thank you to the team for the flowers on display in our church.  If you wish to contribute to the cost there is a box at the back of the church.


RECTOR: Revd Tim Rose




Parish Office: 01932 562249             


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