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St Mary Magdalene Church, Littleton      

Weekly Newsletter

30 March 2024

Shock and Awe is not a particularly nice phrase.  It’s a phrase that those of us who lived through the invasion of Iraq will know well as it was the military tactic that the Americans and British employed, as they sort to overthrow Sadam Hussein.  It’s not a new term, but has been used throughout military history and goes back as far as the Romans.  It may well have been a phrase known to Mary Magdalene  and the other woman and certainly summed up how they felt when they came to the tomb on that first Easter morning. Utter shock as they saw the tomb stone had been rolled away, even more as they saw an angel in the tomb and then awe as they were to see Jesus for themselves. 

My prayer for you this Easter is that Jesus would shock you in a good way.  Shock you with his love, shock you with his grace, shock you with his forgiveness and shock you with his presence.  Then after that you would simply live in awe of this God who will never change, but carry you through to be with him forever. 

He is Risen,

Happy Easter



Thank you for your donations and to the team for arranging the flowers in church so beautifully.


This Sunday’s Readings – 

Isaiah 25:6-9.                          Mark 16: 1-81


Easter Sunday Services  31st March at 9.30 and 11.15 

                             Followed by Easter egg hunt



1st April 10-12 in the OSB (Bacon Rolls)


Wednesday Fellowship 3rd April at 10am (Words & Worship) 

Prayer Meeting 3 April on Zoom

Sunday Services  7 April at 9.30 ONLY


RECTOR: Revd Tim Rose



Parish Office: 01932 562249                

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