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17 February 2024                       

Our church is committed to making all activities as open and accessible to all.

We don’t like to talk about dying.  I don’t know if this purely an English thing or it’s true of a lot of cultures, but it’s not a subject we like.  It’s a strange one though when you think about it as it is our only certainty in life.  People talk about taxes, but there are some people who never pay them so death really is our only certainty. 

This week we have celebrated Ash Wednesday.  Celebrated is a strange word for it, but it reminds us of our certainty and also our glorious destiny.  For us as followers of Jesus death is a certainty, but it isn’t the end.  Jesus dying and rising turned death into a doorway to a life we cannot possibly imagine (1 Corinthians 2:9).  We are all going to die, but belief in Jesus reminds us that we will pass through into heaven. 

This life is short,  none of us know how long we have. Let’s enjoy every day, grieve when we lose those we love, but celebrate the ash that is also the doorway into the eternal life to come.  We can talk about death because we know it’s not the end. 

Have a great week,



This Sunday’s Readings – 

1 Samuel 2:27-36                  Mark 1:9-15

Sunday Services      18 February at 9.30 and 11.15

                                  Creche 11.15 in Church

                                  Sunday Club 11.15 in Littleton School

                                  Youth 11.15 in OSB

Cornerstone            19 February 10-12 in The OSB

Wednesday Service  21 February 10am (Words & Worship)

Littletots                      22 February 9.30am in OSB  

Sunday Services      25 February at 9.30 and 11.15

                                 Creche 11.15 in Church

                                 Sunday Club 11.15 in Littleton School

                                 Youth 11.15 in OSB

                                 Older Youth 7pm                                         


RECTOR: Revd Tim Rose



Parish Office:                              01932 562249                        


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