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Weekly Newsletter

27 January 2024                       

Our church is committed to making all activities as open and accessible to all.


As many of you will know, I have the privilege of coaching an under 12’s football team.  I have been doing this for five years and the current crop of boys that I coach is certainly the most competitive.  This is not only on match days, but also in training.  They take everything very seriously and even a practice game is so hotly contested that the losing team are always really disappointed.  They give everything for their football regardless of how naturally talented they maybe. 

In our verse for the year we have got to the part where Paul says work at it with all your heart.  A lot of the time we don’t feel passionate or energised about what is in front of us or what we’re doing, life takes it toll.  It’s very hard to give everything to what we’re involved in all of the time, as there are so many demands on us.  However everything begins with a step and this week’s step can be a prayer.  Join with me as we ask God to help us give our best to what he’s called us to.  We may not have the energy of an under 12 football team, but he will help us to give of our best, let’s pray together.

“Father, thank you for our families, our jobs, our homes, our church household.  Father we know that life comes with it’s struggles, but you are always with us.  Help us to move closer to giving everything for you, in all you have given us to do, in Jesus name, Amen”

Have a great week,



Can we dip our communion host (intinct it)?  

Well the answer is yes, as the rules have now been relaxed.  However, do be aware that this is the least hygenic way to receive.

This Sunday’s Readings – 

1 Samuel 2:1-10                    Mark 1:21-28


Sunday Services     28 January at 9.30 and 11.15

                                            Creche 11.15 in Church

                                            Sunday Club 11.15 in Littleton School

                                            Youth 11.15 in OSB

                                            Older Youth 7pm

Cornerstone    29 January 10-12 in The OSB

Beer & Bible    30 January 8.15pm in The Barley Mow

Wednesday Service   31 January 10am (Communion)

Littletots      1 February 9.30am in OSB  

Quiz    3 February  7.30pm in OSB

Sunday Services    4 February at 9.30 and 11.15

RECTOR: Revd Tim Rose



Parish Office:                              01932 562249                        


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