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Baby Baptism Ceremony


We would be honored to conduct a baptism or dedication service, often referred to as a thanksgiving service, for your child. This offer extends to residents within the parish, those who have previously had a child baptised in the parish, or individuals married in the parish. Our services take place on the second Sunday of each month at 12:45pm, or 1:30pm. 

For further details on baptism or dedication services, please visit Church Of England


Confirmation represents a significant milestone in the Christian journey where you personally affirm the faith into which you were baptised and express your commitment to lead a life of dedicated discipleship. This affirmation is sealed through prayer and the symbolic laying on of hands by the confirming bishop. Additionally, the Church asks God to empower you through the Holy Spirit, enabling you to live according to the teachings of Jesus. To adequately prepare for confirmation, we offer a preparation course such as Alpha.

For further details on Confirmation please visit Church Of England


In addition to baptising children, we also offer baptism services for adults. If you've been attending church and feel a desire to make a more profound commitment to your Christian faith, adult baptism is a meaningful response to God's love. It reflects a sincere commitment to heed God's call and follow the example set by Jesus Christ. Adult baptism may be incorporated into a confirmation service, signifying a deeper affirmation of faith.

Beyond being a significant commitment, baptism for adults is a joyous celebration. It's an opportunity to gather with family and friends, acknowledging that you are cherished by God, a vital part of a broader community, and you hold a special place among God's people.

For further details on Adult Baptism, please visit Church Of England

For further inquiries about any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us here

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